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Dating islamic man

The attack has echoes of the Woolwich killing and both Mire and Michael Adebowale, one of the Woolwich killers who also had severe mental health problems, are now inmates at Broadmoor secure psychiatric hospital.

Mire came to Britain aged 12 and passed four GCSEs at grade B.

After leaving school he worked as a steward and a security guard before becoming a cab driver but had spent large periods receiving state benefits.

He intentionally left it to the Muslims to come together to make this crucial decision based on what he had taught them. Abū Zahrā said: The Prophet (s) never gave a single word or sign indicating who his successor would beeeting which took place to elect the calipha, the Companions were in utter disagreement as to who should succeed the Prophet, but in the end were able to choose Abū Bakr aš-Šiddīq by the consensus of the majority., the Prophet’s supporters in Madinah, who felt the leadership should fall to one among them as they supported the Prophet (s) when he immigrated from Mecca.

In a notebook at his flat, Mire had handwritten a list 'Keep these five things in battle' which read: 'Steadfast (stand firm); remember Allah; obey Allah and his messenger, avoid dispute; patients [sic].'Among the images found on Mire's phone were pictures of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, and Salah Abdeslam, the co-ordinator behind the Paris attacks, as well as John Cantlie, the ISIS hostage, and Abu Izzadeen the British-based radical preacher.

Throughout November, he conducted numerous searches for topics around the subject of ISIS, including: 'Jihadis post images of children with knives in support of Israel stabbings' and 'What if the Islamic State won?

Muslims therefore rely on the authority of their leaders to guide them in upholding the principles of law laid out in the Qur’ān and the traditions.

The Prophet (s) himself stated, “Whoever is chosen by the people after me will be the caliph, and you must listen to and obey him.” “All the Muslims, including the Shi¿a and all the different schools of thought, [which at one time number over 470] agreed that leadership as defined by the Prophet, in the saying ‘If you are three make one your leader’ can only be implemented by election. They are in this position to form an opinion of the ruler and his rule, and to control any aspirations he may have to override the rights of the people.

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In the end however, a judge accepted by both sides must make a final arbitration and choose between the two parties based on the validity of their claims.

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