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Dating met boeddhistische vrouwen

The private agreement to trade the bank guarantee is always between the buyer and the seller.No banker or securities officer will act on behalf of the buyer or seller.There is no such thing as a “slightly seasoned instrument”.Bank Guarantee Instruments are either “fresh cut” which is a new issue to the bank's client that has never been sold to anyone yet or registered with a buyer or they are “seasoned” which is an instrument that has already had a registered owner.A bank will issue a bank guarantee to their (primarily corporate) clients based on the clients’ credit worthiness and their relationship with the bank.The client typically puts up between 50 to 60% of the face value of the bank guarantee.

Bank Guarantees are used primarily to finance trade.In this posting I will describe the aspects of a Bank Guarantee that make it a tradable security and why this trading activity attracts opportunists (read Intermediaries) in spades to get a piece of the action of this lucrative trade.The large majority of Bank Guarantees issued by major trading banks worldwide have a term of just over a year (more specifically 1 year and 1 day).The clients of a bank guarantee are large major trading corporations such as Nike or Apple and the face values of issued bank guarantees are typically US$ 500 million and up although they can certainly be issued with a face value of amounts lower than this.In addition to providing a negotiable instrument to transact international trade for these clients, the bank guarantee is also used by these clients as a means of raising extra capital by selling the bank guarantee.

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"you cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus"- Mark Twain this makes me wonder, is my imagination out of focus?