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Dating questions for teens

Set curfews, check in rules, or limits on how much time your teen can spend with their new fling.If they are asking what is okay, that’s a great sign. Then you’re in the right place…join us each for a chance to Ask Us Anything—and we do mean ANYTHING—about sex, love, relationships, dating, and more.We’ll post expert answers to the best and most popular questions.However, even though we proactively address issues like sexuality and dating, we’ve seen repeatedly that our two teen boys (and even our tween girl) have questions that we never would have anticipated.And if you’re a parent of a teen, I’m guessing your son or daughter is filled with questions too.

Before panicking about your child’s declaration that they are dating, find out what that means to them.It means they care about how you feel about their relationship and are willing to compromise with you, and hopefully communicate. Each month we’ll post a new topic; all you have to do is submit any questions you have. No problem—just upvote it to let us know that you REALLY want an answer for that question.Learning that your teenager has reached this stage can be scary and you may have many questions.You may realize that it will be hard to dissuade your teenager into waiting to date once they have decided to start.

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