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Like a Nigerian scammer, posing only slightly convincingly as one of your real-life friends, trying to get you to send them a 0 wire transfer.A former university colleague ("Evan") passed along this Facebook conversation, which he promises really happened to him.Calvin: nigeria Evan: i have bad news for you many americans know about nigerians sending emails to this country to try to get money Calvin: yes Evan: it is a trick that we know about so we are very careful Calvin: eeeeeeeeeeeeh Evan: you will not find a stupid person to send you money Calvin: i have got some Evan: well good job Evan: do you live in lagos or in another city?Calvin: Lagos how did you got to know Evan: i am a student of the world i would like to travel to lagos Calvin: lagos is a place to be to visit so full of enjoyment so when are you coming Evan: why do you steal money from people?The pictures you were sent were most likely phony lifted from other websites.

that really sucks Calvin: can you loam me now Evan: well maybe i don't know that's a lot of $ Calvin: how can you loan me?

Evan: what do you want me to do Calvin: i want you to loan me 0 Calvin: i promise i pay you back Evan: how do you want me to loan it to you? Calvin: Shawnee Mission Northwest High '01 Evan: what?

Calvin: you can have the money send via western union Evan: oh yeah that's true Calvin: will you go and send it now Evan: well i don't know Calvin: you can have it send online now damn how did you get stuck there Calvin: i came here for a vacation and i was robbed by some gang Evan: ok well i want to help you, since we're friends Calvin: ok. i know Calvin: it seems you dont to help Evan: what of course i do want to help Calvin: am in a hot sits here and you asking me silly question Evan: what is hot sits Calvin: am dead here Evan: i hope you die there YOU HACKER good luck finding someone stupid bye now (a few minutes later) Evan: oh wait.

Thanks Evan: sure thing man Evan: ok one question Calvin: are you sending it now? i just realized what an idiot you are and its actually kind of funny Calvin: are you not dead Evan: who taught you english?

Calvin: my sister# Evan: your english is bad it does not sound like the english of someone from the us so no one will believe you Calvin: how can you teach me Evan: ok i will. Calvin: they dont send western union here we only receive Evan: what country are you in?

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In it, a scammer takes over one of his real-world friend's accounts ("Calvin"), pretends to be stranded in London, and asks for money to get a plane ticket and pay hotel bills.

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