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One run away after telling her my air-ticket was booked and the other did not show up at the airport like understood. Maybe some girls are real but completely manipulated by agencies and Romance Compass seems to enjoy pumping the money.

Right now I am in Kiev and can tell you a lot about!!

More importantly we use your information in a way to help find you a meaningful and lasting relationships, we use information to: For a match making site to work we must share some of your personal data with other members in our database, reciprocal data sharing between members occurs when we identify a DNA match exceeding 70% then you see some of their personal information, and they see yours.

Personal information disclosed include information detailed on your members profile and preferences.

she owned a Facebook account (she denied she owned one) and a vk account but nevertheless I sent her friend requests.

Next day later I found out that THE REAL HER rejected both of my requests but then sent me another email ON THAT WEBSITE if she wanted a threesome (wth).

Fraudulent and unauthorized bank account funds taken.

I was notified by my bank l have contacted the company to cease and desist.

At that point, you can STILL get scammed if you are not careful.... medical, visas, plane fare, ANYTHING and you will eliminate most all scam opportunities. If you are so afraid a girl is a scammer just because you see her on other sites... I always do a Google image search on a girl's photos and find many girls on other sites that way, plus, their VK page (Russian Facebook) or other places.Funniest thing is she actually answered all my questions and even remembered about my life events a few days after discussing with her (e.g. Then by the time I requested for her contact details I received a disconnected phone number and a fake address (looked like a run down home made in China) but a valid surname.I searched the name on both Facebook and and guess what....The REAL scams can start if they only meet you for a quick date (with a friend) and never really see you again. I have even found girl's pics on escort agency sites... Stay away from those unless that's what you want!Hey guys I think you understand nothing about Romance Compass. I am in Kiev and had to go through bad experience from two girls asking me to come. You talk to a middle-woman and yes they can change profile and ID then, I had one who was Doctor, she disappeared after I contacted her and came back with other name and as beautician.

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Either person can decline from the reciprocal data sharing, cutting the connection.

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