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Dating she needs space

I've been a great boyfriend as far as treating her and her girls very well. If she wants space that means don't text or call unless she contacts you first. You are right that I have had people ask if the baby was mine and different things like that. I do hope that whatever she decides, that I will at least get to be there for appointments and everything else. I know that you are looking for the magic words or potions to get her back. Some women really struggle mentally when they get pregnant. I have seen a good amount of guys on here with similar stories.

When I'm there I cook, do dishes, play with the kids so she can relax if she wants, clean house, I get the door for her. Not really understanding what this fully means, I spotted texting but did send her a goodnight text, then a text in the morning to see how she was feeling cause I know this pregnancy has been really hard on her for many reasons. She said she is feeling smothered and texting and calling every day isn't giving her space. I want to be the best dad for my baby that I can be.

I told her I would be here whenever she is ready to talk. It's up to you if you want to hang around waiting while she treats you this way. Make sure once that door cracks open, that you do not try to bust it wide open.

I'm in a new relationship where we got pregnant very early on. Here is the thing - you aren't in control of this situation. I would steer away from dating and drinking, but if you do we are all human.

I really want this to work since I love her personality and see a big future with her.

I think it is healthy to keep some of your time for yourself. I would say, this girl likes you and may be even thinking about future with you but she is afraid cz of getting hurt again. She probably tried very hard to get past those relationship heartaches and now is in a position where she is feeling like she is in control of her life now....

And yes during the 3months we did see our friends very often on the weekends.

I just love seeing her and talking to her the way it was before she felt as if shes losing herself.

Question what can I do to help/remedy her feeling un-independent and back to what it was before.Everything is new to me, and the fact that I'm now tied to this new guy for decades has freaked me the hell out. I agree with another poster, she is probably freaked out right now. Go ahead and express your anger and disappointment on how she is handling this. Who knows, right now you have to take the focus off of her, and put it onto you. If you live by yourself and you have room create a nursery. Tell her that you want to pay the co-pays and you want to be there as the baby is also yours. Ask her about your pregnancy (Feeling sick, food cravings, pain, movements etc..). She and I are friendly, we go on dates and have family outtings, but we aren't back together. I don't want somebody in my face right now, even if he's cleaning out my fridge and shovelling my snow. I want to believe that that is what's bringing her down and this is all it is. Her life just got that much more complicated whether you want to think it did or not. Juggling two different schedules, two different needs/wants/accommodations. She can't get mad at you for preparing for the baby without her since she has asked for space. She doesn't have to let you go, but I think this is fair. I am writing a lot because I went through this, and it sucked! So, by showing him that you're giving him space, you're saying way more than you could by telling him repeatedly. Your world is not shattered because he wants "space". If he wants to talk to you, he's going to have work at it. Don't say things like: "Well, I guess I'll end this conversation now, since I'm giving you space." He knows what he said, and your actions will speak louder than words. He'll expect you to be really upset, and it will make him feel completely shocked if you act like his request for 'space' didn't bother you at all.

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The more people you tell, the better the chance is that it will get back to him, and he'll know exactly how upset you are. The fact that he said he needs space is probably making him feel pretty over confident, so don't play into his plan.

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