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She acquaints a good life with having plenty of money to spend.They are likely to fight over their children, Leo being far more demanding than Taurus.“This was a Hispanic cemetery with 25 skulls, and 13 of them have deformed heads,” Cristina Garcia Moreno, who worked on the project with Arizona State University, told ABC News.“We don’t know why this population specifically deformed their heads.” (MORE: The 2012 World Monuments Fund Watch List) While the site, known as El Cementerio, was discovered in 1999, Moreno and her colleagues completed their analysis of the skeletal remains just last month. He will likely pick the same night of the week, and the same restaurant, showing little imagination or desire to please.He expects her to go along with anything he suggests.You MUST wait for him to even if it feels like watching the grass grow.

“Cranial deformation has been used by different societies in the world as a ritual practice, or for distinction of status within a group or to distinguish between social groups,” said Moreno, adding, “The reason why these individuals at El Cementerio deformed their skulls is still unknown.” Many of the bones were the remains of children, which led Moreno to believe that the practice of deforming skulls “may have been inept and dangerous.” The practice of artificial skull deformation was not limited to Mexico, though. If you’re a Taurus man trying to attract a Leo woman, try to show some boldness in courtship — like don’t take her to the neighborhood bar where you and your homeys hang out. And you might even consider buying a new set of clothes. She has such high expectations, and he has such a low effort threshold. The Taurus male is an herbivore who wants to look down, see it, and eat it. The Taurus male can be a steady sidekick for the Leo female, as long as he has some bearing to him. The royal family of Great Britain abounds with Taurus, Leo, and the other two fixed signs.He really wants everything to drop out of a tree into his lap. Leo, you will have to make an exchange and force him to buy things for you. If, on the other hand, he’s a typical couch potato, there are going to be fireworks. That includes a coach and 6 horses to take her out for the evening. You see they are a stubborn group, but they are stuck with one another.You MUST make him take a step out of his safety zone.You MUST make him invest energy into the relationship.

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This is going to kill you but splash some money around. If you’ve attracted a Leo into your life, it is to make you open up your money-grubbing fists.

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