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One interesting fact about this Committee is that, over the years it has carefully refrained from any general appeal for funds, but as its work expanded, it has welcomed donations from Brethren, individual Irish Lodges and Provincial Lodges throughout the Island of Ireland.Another important fact, is that, although still relatively unknown by the majority of our Brethren, it has a proud record of supporting deserving cases in every Masonic Province in Ireland.There is no need to take my word on any of this as these historical records are still available to those with the interest to look.As the Rev Walton Hanna has been dragged in to this debate, it is only fair to refer anyone interested to his seminal work “Darkness Visible”.

There was a very good attendance of members, and we were joined on the day, by our Most Wor Grand Master, Most Wor Bro Douglas T Gray, who had driven up that morning from Dublin to join with the Chairman and Committee Members in marking the close of their centenary year.

He will be supported by Wor Bro Dr Ric Berman Prestonian Lecturer 2016 and author of the book “Foundations : A New Light on the Origins and Early Years of Grand Lodge”.

On the nay side we are awash with academics, neither of whom are Freemasons.

Hanna eventually moved to Canada, and became a Roman Catholic priest, still with strong anti-Masonic views.

And as previously noted, he died in Canada in February 1966. Shortly after Hanna’s book appeared in 1952 a detailed response was published, under the title “Light Invisible – The Freemasonry Answer to Darkness Visible”. The author, an Episcopalian clergyman, and a Freemason was a man who was not prepared to be bullied by Church based anti-Masonic bullies.

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The Rev Walton did not like the existence of Freemasonry, and eventually unearthed a number of old and incomplete rituals for the three Craft Degrees and the Royal Arch Degree, that were current in some Lodges, meeting under the banner of The United Grand Lodge of England.