Dating tips 3rd date

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For the first date there was probably just a mutual physical attraction and a curiosity to know more about each other.

The second date is more interesting because at this point both of you have found something interesting and appealing about each other that you wish to pursue and know more about to see where it all leads.

In my mind, I consider the third date the ‘make or break’ date.

For some, this might sound too soon but I know what time I’m willing to invest in order to find out if I really like someone; for me that is three dates.

If you’re stuck for where to take her then check out my previous post on third date ideas and then head back over here for my top tips.

If you managed to kiss her on the second date (or even the first you dark horse you!

You can also gauge her interest from how she responds to your compliments.

If she looks genuinely happy to be complimented in that way then she is interested in you but if she shrugs it off as something she hears every other day from every other guy then perhaps you’ll need to up your game to set yourself apart from the competition!

If this really is to be make or break then nothing screams good intentions like your first selfie together.I believe it sends the wrong signals if you start to share bills at this stage.You’ve probably kissed by this stage so if you haven’t started already, show her your cheeky side.Now, if you followed my guidance in this post on how to secure a second date kiss, you might already be there in your head.However, it’s still very early days and it’s never too late to mess it up by being too keen!

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) then definitely greet her with a kiss for the third date.

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