Dating tips for real estate attorneys

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Dating tips for real estate attorneys

Agents locate suitable properties, provide information on comparable sales, help select financing, and write the sales agreement.The agent can also act as a "go between" in the negotiations between buyer and the seller.The agent must disclose to you all known material matters concerning the condition of the property.The agent is not under a duty to take any special precautions or do any special inspections on your behalf.Gain from the sale of a personal residence can be tax free dollars in your retirement years.

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A "REALTOR" is a member of the National Association of REALTORS and bound by a Code of Ethics.

Most agents in our area are also "REALTORS."Real estate agents can provide services to both the buyer and seller.

This leverage means the rate of return on invested capital can be substantially higher than that available from other investments.

Favorable tax laws provide a deduction for interest paid, effectively lowering the real mortgage payment.

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The agent does not owe you a duty of fiduciary care -- the high standard imposed on attorneys and trustees.

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