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DJ Rap - a leading drum'n'bass producer - attended one meeting where she was told she couldn't play the record, and couldn't DJ at certain events.

She refused and claims to have later received anonymous threatening phone calls.

And of all the different types of couples, you have the best chance of staying together and getting married.

So, think about the way you and your partner behave together because it’s not fixed.

You can choose to develop better conflict skills, for example.

And if you do break up, your next relationship may be completely different. Choose to be with someone who makes you feel truly happy.

The best of all, however, is being a “partner-focused couple”.

Huckleberry from Uptown records was at the meeting."I like music with more soul and groove in it." Amazingly, for a form of music that defined the urban underground, there is now even that most British of institutions, a UK garage committee.

If you’re a “socially involved couple”, you have many mutual friends, and you rely on them to help you make decisions.

Your relationship is highly stable, and sharing many friends makes you feel closer and more committed.

But what does it date to date a much younger partner? We have sampled some of the things one should put in mind when dating someone who is much younger than themselves.

Of course you have had more time to find your feet and they are probably just starting out.

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