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Datingdaredevil com

She struggles to convince Foggy and Matt that they should dig deeper into the Punisher’s history, in light of the way that the media (with a lot of push from District Attorney Reyes) is covering the story, with a lot of important details missing.

Foggy and Matt are both invested in drawing a line under the Punisher and getting on with their lives—and when she realises they won’t support her in her latest crusade, she goes rogue, chasing up leads with one of Ben Urich’s old newspaper pals.

Turns out Elektra isn’t a bored rich girl with a kink for violence.

She has a red ninja costume, she knows more about what’s going on with the organised crime in this city than Matt does, and… Here’s a Daredevil costume, which she collected ahead of time for his convenience. And right now, she expects him to fight at her side.

It’s fascinating to see a Matt Murdock who isn’t holding back about who he is and what he can do, and it’s easy to understand the appeal of Elektra’s devil-may-care attitude to this younger version of him.

But this episode isn’t just about Matt’s romance with Elektra—it’s also about Karen.

THE STORY SO FAR: Thanks to Daredevil (who gave the credit to the NYPD), the murderous vigilante the Punisher has finally been arrested after his violent rampage against three of the city’s organised crime communities.

Matt and Karen are close to getting their act together romantically, but because Matt Murdock is not allowed to be happy even for ten minutes, the dangerous and mysterious Elektra has dropped back into his life…

I have to believe that Frank knows Matt is Daredevil.He’s still coming to terms with the fact that Elektra figured out his secret—once again, she laughs at him because she saw the news footage of Daredevil, as well as the news footage of Matt himself after Murdock & Nelson took down Fisk, and .Elektra mocking Matt is my favourite thing about her character. In any case, Elektra does for Daredevil what Foggy does for Matt—keeps him from disappearing inside his own grim monotone of angst by teasing him wherever possible.He spies on her meeting from outside the building, (seriously, Agents of SHIELD so need to recruit him, he should look into that if he ever gets desperate to pay the rent) and witnesses her allowing a bunch of Japanese businessmen to patronise her, while she drops a bug into their building that sends their electronics haywire.Back in flashback city, baby Matt and baby Elektra’s wild fling of stolen cars, break-and-enters, and slow motion sex in an abandoned boxing ring leads him to reveal more to her than he has to anyone about his past, his father, and—through their sparring—his abilities.

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This season has been very Daredevil heavy so far, and the opening scene in which Elektra and Daredevil (both in full costume) take down the invading Yakuza suggests more of the same.

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