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University of Tampa Sports Management professor Jason M.

Simmons along with University of Louisville professor T.

While you’re doing this, you may find that through osmosis you learn more about the game and perhaps even start to enjoy it.3.

Understand the source of your partner’s extreme fan behavior.

The social experience of being at a game, or watching a game with other people, is often the sport’s biggest draw.

There’s an element of suspense to almost all games that makes them exciting.

Christopher Greenwell (2012) conducted one of the few studies done on fan-family conflict.

Let’s say you’ve tried doing this and you’ve determined that (a) you have no interest in learning the game or games, or (b) you know all you need to and hate them anyhow.If you're the partner, you can also benefit from recognizing that being a fan may be an important role in your loved one's life.The following five tips should be able to help you maneuver this emotional triangle consisting of you, your partner, and your partner’s team.Other emotions also come into play such as hope (when you’re rooting for the underdog), joy (when your team wins), and humor (as long it’s not at your team’s expense).By allowing yourself to try to catch some of your partner’s enthusiasm, you may find that the two of you develop a set of shared experiences that actually enhance your relationship.2. Try as you might, it may be that you simply cannot put on your game face.

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Your alternative is to leave the house, go to a different room, or just tell your partner to stay away until the game is over.