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David krumholtz is dating

In 2005, he finally found television success with the CBS series Numb3rs.Along with his starring roles on television, Krumholtz made memorable guest appearances on ER, Law & Order, Undeclared, Lucky, and Freaks and Geeks.He is also known for his role as Bernard the Arch-Elf in The Santa Clause and its sequel, The Santa Clause 2.Krumholtz was born in Queens, New York, the son of Judy, a dental assistant, and Michael Krumholtz, a postal worker. in 1956, and his paternal grandparents immigrated from Poland.

Along the way, he had the opportunity to work with Jason Bateman (Chicago Sons, 1997), Tom Selleck (The Closer, 1998), Jon Cryer (The Trouble with Normal, 2000), and Rob Lowe (The Lyon's Den, 2003).

Numb3rs was officially cancelled by CBS on May 18, 2010.

He appears in two documentaries on the Knocked Up DVD (one being staged and the other being genuine).

Playing the romantic and slightly obsessed Benny, Krumholtz was on a path to larger, more complex film roles.

His first role as a leading man was in the 2002 romantic comedy You Stupid Man, playing opposite Milla Jovovich.

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