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(But that all changed very soon.) Back to the cold chicks: I was visiting a friend who lived there, and we decided to head out in the freezing Swiss winter to pick up some girls from the streets.First of all, Swiss chicks are incredibly conservative and will NOT talk to strangers. I read it in ONE SITTING (besides stopping to use the little boy’s room.) And at the end of it, my entire view of 'game', female psychology and relationship dynamics CHANGED FOREVER.And that's when it struck me - this could be more than just a couple of hour lecture.I could make a whole conference out of this stuff, by getting together a group of these "underground" figures in the community, who'd all made a massive impact on me when I'd accidentally stumbled across their amazingly powerful direct mindsets and techniques.) And, the content we shared flew in the face of everything the "mainstream PUA community" was teaching at the time. For over a year after the first Direct Dating Summit, my email inbox was flooded with guys talking about how .

I thought "wait a minute, imagine if I could convince this published author and radio talk show host Alan Roger Currie to speak at this event as well!

I continued holding a DDS every year, and got more and more speakers on more areas of being direct.

Not just direct game, but being direct for LIFE: success, business relationships, lifestyle design, polyamory... There was a DDS Australia, a DDS New York, a DDS Vegas, and soon enough…

Your conference to date was the best in the cancer area I have been to..

He has lived and breathed the healing 'trenches' allowing him direct experience, vs. shottas 2002 ( DVD 5 ) MULTISUBS Movies, 27th Jan Direct Dating Summit - DVD 1.

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