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Like most things that calcify into the mainstream the joy of exploration is now gone, replaced by a grim determination to just get it over with.

There is a reason so many startups are trying to break our social media habits.

Whereas the web was once a broadcast medium it is now a two-way or many-to-many medium.

There was a site for you although you probably had to hunt it down.According to a Facebook post by Jessie Grady—the bystander who filmed the scene—the woman began shouting after a black employee asked her if she wanted to purchase a bag for her larger items. ” As the video continues, the woman repeatedly yells that she is being discriminated against, confronts Grady as she films, accuses Grady’s child of stealing, and refers to Michael’s employees as “animals.” According to Grady’s post, several people in the store—including herself—phoned police, but the woman had already left by the time authorities arrived, some 45 minutes after calls were placed.The incident reportedly took place Wednesday night “Why don’t you shut your face? This incident is the just the latest in a recent spate of obscene and racist tirades by Trump supporters.Every few decades the human psyche recoils against the invasion of technology.It happened in the early 1970s as ex-hippies moved to the woods to become more mindful and stayed to open coffee shops.

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