Droid weather widget not updating transmen dating

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Droid weather widget not updating

This time, however, we decided to tell you why you shouldn't.

We identified the most disturbing problems with Android app widgets which can spoil user experience.

Even if you do launch Activity, a widget won't always go where it belongs. Well, we aren't Facebook but we love reactions too.

They can give us valuable insights on how to improve what we're doing.

So it seems the CPU and battery Temp are right on mine at least but I don't think the GPU temp is proper as it jumps around every second.

Hopefully @Zacharee1 can chime in with a better explanation when he gets a free moment. Recently got Super V20 ROM on my 990DS, and re-installed all your mods thru mod control apk and re-downloaded Bored Signs.

Originally Posted by KUSOsan I tried out a half a dozen temperature monitor apps and the 1st temp that bored signs labels as CPU appears to be accurate as that was roughly the same temp reported by all the other apps I tried.

It'll be 36 one second and the next it says 89 and then back down to 50. The CPU seems to be accurate according to other apps I've tried.

Could it be possible that in the screen that shows CPU/GPU/BATTERY temps that CPU and GPU are inverted?

When I stress test for 15 minutes in Antutu I see the GPU temp going to *80C but the CPU temp is not moving that much.

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To that I can only add that widgets are rather unpredictable per se.