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Eclipse validating wsdl slow

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When I started using Websphere’s WSDL2Java, I was working with WAS 6.x.

I issued the following command to generate the required “server” code: You should replace C:\WAS\SSE6 with your WAS root in addition to changing the other paths as required.

Since we deployed this WAR with a web context of (myfirstwebservice..

based on the example) in addition to including a servlet mapping/url-pattern of services, our URL would look as follows:

The way I did this was to create a serializable object (class that implements serializable) that contained an error code and some other type (i.e. I did find when I tried to include a complex type in the endpoint method where the result contained a collection, I got an incomplete WSDL.

So in any case, I always made sure to return an object array in the signature …

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I didn’t have the money to fork out for buying a copy of WSAD (Websphere Application Developer) and I also did not want to test using the Axis implementation since the JARs seemed to collide with the WAS web service runtime.

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