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Eikura nana dating

Real acting is not about pretending to be someone on the screen, but you are always trying to be the real person of who you are, and portraying the character that you're playing on screen with your actual real life experiences.

Good actors don't pretending crying on screen, they are actually thinking of a situation with the real experience(emotions) they have had in real life which that can brings tears to their eyes.

In the 2011 she played in the movie “Tokyo Park”, which was directed by Shinji Aoyama. no Jinsei no Owarikata: Ending Planner in the 2012 by playing the role of Sakamaki Yuki.

In addition to her actress and model talent, she can play shamisen, has a diploma, and fluently speak the Ryukyu language.

She once covered Rimi Natsukawa's song "Nada Sou Sou" on a Kinki Kids' TV show in 2007.

This was backed up by Rosa Kato and Asami Mizukawa who have worked with many models.

She also has appeared in numerous television series like “Kiken na Aneki”, “Dandori: Dance Drill”, “Jiiji: Mago to Ita Natsu”, “Maison Ikkoku” and “Tokyo Tarareba Musume”. She can be followed on facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In the 2007 she appeared in the tv project “Proposal Daisakusen” as well as in the “Hitomi”, which was released in the 2008. They met each other in the 2014 during the filming “N no Tame ni”.

Eikura later began appearing in various advertisements and collections in the mid-2000s and has appeared in many TV advertisements.

A model turning into an actress is usually considered a "loser" in modeling, but Eikura, a successful model, began acting in the mid-2000s.

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When she was a teenager, she served as a model for several popular fashion journals like “Seventeen”.

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