Elaine cassidy dating

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Elaine cassidy dating

I love Ben, and you want people you care about in life to get the things they want.But from a selfish point of view, I still get to work with him. When he joined the cast, it was a very subtle shift, and people were very respectful.If he’d got the job and not told us, he’d deserve a Bafta!

Since her early 20s, Cassidy has been working consistently and making a living from acting, but for a long time she used to say she was 'trying' to be an actress.

By the end of filming the first series of The Paradise, Elaine was six months pregnant with Lynott.

‘They were having to hide the bump behind chairs and table lamps.’ Ever since she knew what the word acting meant, she says, she wanted to do it.

Into this world arrived Denise Lovett from Peebles on the Scottish borders.

When she landed a job at The Paradise, she was quickly identified by Moray as a rising star, much to the annoyance of Miss Audrey (Sarah Lancashire), head of ladies’ fashion, and shopgirl Clara (Sonya Cassidy).

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