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[Laughs] It was nice not having to stop and then wait for a stunt double.They actually wanted to do more than they were allowed to.- Margot Kidder (Lois Lane in the Superman Movies '78-'87 / Dr. 34-5] ~" It's always a relief because you worry you are going to be with a diva or somebody who doesn't care.Tom's been around for five seasons, but I don't get that sense, and I don't get it from Erica either.She was on set every day on time, knew what she wanted to do and you know, she showed up there to do her job and to perform and to the absolute best with every scene that she could.She " She's also delighted that another of her countrywomen is playing the part. And of course [Superman co-creator] Joe Schuster was Canadian - for something that's 'truth, justice, and the American way', we Canadians have really got our fingers in the pie." Kidder resists the temptation to offer advice to her successor. "Her version is more like mine than Teri Hatcher was in the 1990s series".

Because women are friends, and , she's really one of the sweetest people I have ever worked with.She hadn't done that when I was there for her second show.But I watched her take direction, and it was amazing how talented she was.But with Pete leaving to go to another school- and Lois coming in- it’s a whole other dynamic. , I thought, of making sure that she represented her character in a way that didn’t make her look foolish or with egg on her face. And in turn, that helped me because that would just make me look foolish and the show look foolish.I owe her a lot for that." - Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow), Wizard Universe Interview - 1/18/07 ~" It's also fun to work with someone who's a nice person and you get along with really well. You can have those really intimate, private moments without it being dopey and sappy." - Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow), IGN TV Interview - 2/6/08 ~"We had a wonderful time shooting it," Glover recalls.

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