Erotic chat strangers

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Erotic chat strangers

We saw a girl in the corner, stroking her dates cock and Doug said, “you like that don’t you? As we danced he began pushing his cock against me, feeling aroused I let him.I was surprised but excited when he reached between my legs and with no panties, helped himself to my pussy.At time’s I feel like I’m going to pass out, and seeing me that satisfied, is his ultimate fantasy, mine to.Swinging about four years now, never with another girl always a guy, Bill says the only pussy he wants is mine.Larry, Steve, Bob, (black guys) Jack, Tim “and of course you already know Doug”?I said, but of course, and blushing I sat next to Bill.Walking over I noticed a couple in the corner booth were actually fucking and next to them a guy was licking his date’s pussy.Bill smiled and introduced me to Doug’s five nice looking friends, two of them were black.

Bob shoved his stiff cock in my mouth and Bill was eating my cunt, watching me moan and gag on Bob’s cock.Enjoying the music and watching the people dance, some couples were getting pretty naughty and I said, Bill, I like this place.It wasn’t long before a nice looking guy approached us and asked me to dance.After regaining my composure, he waked me back to the bar.I sat down asking my smiling husband, did you enjoy watching him finger fuck your wife and make me cum in front of all his friends?

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He laughed and said “I wasn’t the only one” and I went to the restroom blushing.

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