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Facetime with naked women

Plus, man-on-man sex is the pulsating pinnacle of masculinity.

If you're a chick and you're aroused by dicks and 100 percent pure, Grade A testosterone, watching two or more dudes sensually fuck can be the hottest thing on earth.

So, it's not surprising that 41 percent of our female readers would be down to let someone watch them have sex.

Whether that's in public, in private with a third person or over a webcam is irrelevant; the point is that many women are aroused by the idea of becoming a spectacle and receiving admiration and lust from multiple viewers.

A small but robust population of ladies have figured out that the best way blow a dude's mind in bed is to glean moves from gay porn.

Or, she might know exactly what kinky BDSM variation she's into, so listen to her describe that fantasy in detail and try your best to replicate it for her. Exhibitionism plays into the incredibly hot concept of vulnerability, something that often exacerbates women's feeling of arousal.

By contrast, 10 percent of women fantasized more about dominating their partner instead.

Of course, domination and submission are not mutually exclusive, and they barely scratch the surface of what makes up BDSM, but at the very least, playing around with these dynamics can help lead you into a direction in which you can explore more specific techniques.

Or, if you've got a bisexual streak, let her watch you make out with another dude in front of her. This is one of those things she can, and does, take care of on her own. Rape fantasies are, without a doubt, one of the most taboo fantasies and arguably the hardest to talk about, yet they're surprisingly common. What does it mean that some women are aroused by the fantasy of a thing that could also be a devastatingly traumatic experience?

According to Psychology Today, about four in 10 women admit having them (31 to 57 percent), and they have them on average of about once a month. In erotic fantasies, the woman thinks: "I'm being forced and I enjoy it." In aversive fantasies, she thinks: "I'm being forced and I hate it." Forty-five-percent of the women in a survey published in the had fantasies that were entirely erotic. Only that there's a huge difference between fantasy and reality.

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Also, with this particular fantasy, never assume that your chick is into it.

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