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The report said: 'Wikipedia in particular publish what can easily deemed to be irresponsible material.'Another example shows a page 'ranking' suicide methods by how lethal they are, how much they hurt and how long they take.Content on Wikipedia is written by users and edited by community moderators, not a central firm.Also, anyone looking for "Tina" or wanting to party with "Tina" -that's just another word for meth.Anyone using a random capital letter T in an ad is looking to get high.

This is my ultimate pick up artist book collection, which I feel every PUA needs to read at some point.

So they can bang away, turn it over and then bang even harder until the condom literally breaks and then you’ve just had unprotected intercourse with a junkie. And if they’re on meth, they’re almost certainly a junkie…

pretty much no one does that kind of thing on just a "recreational" basis.

A major report into the role the internet plays in suicide today warned Wikipedia hosts 'irresponsible' guides that help people kill themselves.

Senior Tory Grant Shapps commissioned the research and published his report today to coincide with 'Blue Monday', claimed by some to the 'most depressing day of the year'.

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Now, I’m not gonna say I’ve never hooked up with someone on tweek; as a nite owl it’ll happen from time to time even though I don't go out looking for it. But that kind of weirdly numb stamina can also be detrimental.

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