Free local fuckbuddys

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Free local fuckbuddys

I noticed the color of the bottle reminded me of Versace Eros. I do only use two sprays and get 7-10 hours from it.

I have a 1.7 of Eros just for the pretty bottle which matches my bathroom. As hard as it is for me to believe, I get as many compliments with this as I do with Aventus.

A young lady, probably teens to early 20s was standing behind the counter and held a bottle out. I know what it's like to work in a store that still pays you for commission. Meaning, I sit in an office with clients, teach a few classes at the local university and can't be too risky with my cologne choices.

I was telling how I wouldn't wear Pi now if you paid me. I don't really like the Ultra, the original and Fraiche are both better than it. This Le Male and the Fraiche have been great for wearing to the office.

I got about 15 minutes of projection and then it becomes a skin scent for about 4/5 hours.

Intensive and sensible, modern, and comfortably warm, masculine and gentle...

Le Male is magnetically attractive fragrance which seduces with its uniqueness; it is built on contrasts: traditional and bold, fresh and mild, strong and sensual, in one word: absolutely irresistible for women.

It has my favorite note, vanilla, featured very prominently.

Yet, it's not a feminine vanilla, which is kind of hard to pull off with something sweet like vanilla.

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My wife isn't too sure about how much she likes that!

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