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I hope I don't offend the person that wrote her because Tamala would NEVER call this dare tame by any means but I have done a few more dares than her and thought this really wouldn't be very exciting after what I had been through with my ex-boyfriend. This turned out to be a lot of fun and I will probably do this again. That way if someone pointed out my zipper was down, I could always use the excuse that it broken.I also decided that I would stay out doing all of my errands wearing this pair of jeans until someone actually "said" something. I had a long list of things to do and many places to go.Truthfully, I thought the dare wouldn't last very long and I could get on with my chores. I looked at myself in the mirror after getting dressed and the first thing that struck me was that my red panties were pretty obvious through the open zipper!My bare tummy only served to draw attention to my pelvis, I thought, thus making my faux pas quite easy to spot - even to the most casual of observers.She tried to console me by telling me that I should quickly do another dare so I wouldn't be soured on my hobby. I decided to wear a pair of jeans and a short crop-top so that my belly button and a lot of bare flesh was visible before the waist of my regular cut jeans. As I was getting dressed I thought I would heat things up a bit.

If you use the webtool TINEYE, you can verify where the porn pictures originated, and that most of the girls on the Milfaholic site are not real.If I would have known, I would certainly never have spent a penny there. I want to tell about what I am currently going through.There are SOME real women on the site, but they live miles and miles from you, and you probably will never meet them. The site is a scam and just about everything negative all you guys wrote happned to me.The site entirely represents all across all its pages that these real beauties are waiting for you locally and hard up enough to want to date you. I could make a lot of money if I was selling the Brooklyn Bridge, and made people believe that I really owned it...other websites for singles use real women, and they are not as nearly good looking as these women, so the money goes to Milfaholic because they appear to be the best single site on the web, when in fact, they are the worst.

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So she is from two of the most hip and metropolitan cities in the country..a degree from UCLA I might add.. SHe then married a sheik and moved to Nigeria to work for an "oil conglomerate" as an auditor.

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