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What we asked for was social respect, proper recognition and the right to do our job as we like.

We are always cornered, condemned and humiliated in social networks and the media.

The demanding of legal rights was the last option we have, then we will not be tainted and regarded as inhuman.” Political activist Wickramabahu Karunaratne emphasised that justice be given to the existing sex workers in Sri Lanka.

“What is poignant about this is the exploitation of these poor women by arresting them when men are left alone although they clearly violate the vagrancy ordinance in other ways.

Despite the reluctance to openly discuss this subject, is evident that sex workers are abundant in contemporary Sri Lanka.

Although they are condemned in terms of cultural and religious aspects, their existence cannot be denied.

No girl’s ambition is to become a prostitute as she grows.I did not know anything about being a prostitute when I started, I was scared, but now I am very happy.There are many families along the coastal belt, across Wellawatta and Dehiwala of which parents cannot afford proper education for their children.In many instances the need to provide for children would drive divorced or widowed women opting for sex work.That reasoning goes to the thousands of child-burdened war-widows especially in the North and North-East, who have suddenly become bread winners without education or employable skills.

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When the Daily Mirror inquired whether every female engaged in the sex trade was contet, she assured that they were. The availability of a prostitute is a way of satisfying a human desire.

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