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I'pon completing a line on the Boers' front, and line of trenches, the British withdrew in inde pendt ^ Ines of retreat, covered by tho Hank »^. That Thought fo Have Been the Result— Boer Retreat Expected. 15.— A general attack on Ladysmith has evidently occurred. 10, is correct, and there is every reason to believe it i.s aoourate, as the Boer's dispatches have almost invari- ably, hitherto, rendered fairly aciurate accounts, it is claimed here that it implies that a gen- eral assault on Ladysmith was pending when Gen. Attention is called to the fact that the date, Nov.

The only serious question is, how to keep boys comfortably clad— and handsome for school and Sunday school.

The Haymakers, an auxiliary order of the Red Men, has be^en or.ganized in West Duluth w Ith about forty memlers.

Reyno Ms, special a gem of the Thuringia Insurance company, was in West Duhiih yesterday.

A Paris paper today gleefully an- nounces the fall and capture of Lady- smith, but reports from that source no longer cause a ripple of excitement.

it is claimetl, something further would have leaked out bffore now.

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