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BYU's Honor Code Office punished five students for joining the Soulforce protest last year, when four of them participated in the die-in that was a violation of the university's rules about campus demonstrations. One other, who marched along the north edge of campus, also was put on probation.Last month, three students joined the Soulforce panel discussion and at least the same three joined a six-hour march around campus."We felt they didn't represent the voice of actual students who deal with homosexuality on campus." Pierce, who is working now but plans to return BYU, said Scharman was willing to help."We were also surprised when in the next meeting with her she presented the new Honor Code clause," he said. We saw that as a goal for some time in the future." Jenkins made it clear last year, when Soulforce first protested at BYU, that the university's policy was directed at homosexual behavior or advocacy of a homosexual lifestyle.PROVO — Brigham Young University modified text included with its Honor Code last week, a change that clarifies the university's policy against homosexual behavior among students rather than against homosexual orientation.

The administration is also looking at sections about respecting others and about living a chaste and virtuous life.

According to the While it’s an improvement that the Church is not simply assuming that everyone is heterosexual by default, there is still no option for defining oneself as homosexual. One of the interviewees in the Cary, who graduated from BYU in 2011, explains that “LDS Church leaders are counseled when they speak with young men and women who are gay to help them move away from calling themselves gay or lesbian to saying ‘I struggle with same-gender attractions.’”Cary says the language choice both pathologizes homosexuality and makes it seem temporary, likening it to the doublespeak in George Orwell’s 1984.

“It’s a 1984 word-making-reality thing because you’re not taking on an adjective. It’s the idea you weren’t created that way or it’s not immutable.”Homosexuality is not a phase someone is going through.

Jenkins said Soulforce never asked for a meeting with Scharman.

News of the clarifications spread late last week and Monday on blogs where there was some cheering about creating change where Soulforce didn't.

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In 2010, for example, the university removed a controversial “advocacy” clause that made it an Honor Code violation to “promote” homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle.

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