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Geologic column dating

Yet diamonds are very rare because the mantle has a relatively low abundance of carbon. Earth is special among the planets in that it has two crustal types, continental and oceanic, that sit at two very different heights, approximately 840 meters above and 3,840 meters below sea level on average.

Furthermore, diamonds are far from evenly distributed throughout the earth—they are found in mineable quantities only in very unique geologic settings. This happens because the is composed of heavier elements such as iron and calcium and is not underlain by a thickened mantle keel.

Terms listed in the glossary are italicized on their first use in the text. Carbon is widely dissolved in the earth’s silicate minerals at part-per-million levels and lower.

Surface deformation, volcanic activity, and earthquakes occur more readily at the margins of plates than at their interior.

This graph depicts the rise of temperature with depth (the geothermal gradient) in the lithosphere.

Diamonds are stable under the high pressure and temperature conditions that are only met at great depth in the earth’s mantle.

While these pressure-temperature conditions seem extreme, for a large rocky planet such as ours, they are not.

Within the earth, temperature always rises with depth along a path known as the Figure 3.

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