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It is from this point in the ancient past that the development of interior design can be traced historically.

In contrast with the monumental tombs and temples of stone, many of which remained intact to the 20th century, Egyptian houses were built of perishable materials, and, therefore, few remains have survived.

Furniture is of considerable antiquity, though it is known, for the most part, only from wall paintings, sculpture, and vase paintings.

Since most of these patterns—especially those to be found in basketry and textiles—bear no resemblance to natural forms, they probably arose from the nature of the techniques employed in making the objects in question.

Ornament based on natural objects more or less realistically depicted probably had a magical connotation; animals, for instance, are intended to promote success in hunting.

Paintings often took the form of cabinet pictures, framed to be hung on a wall in a particular position, such as over a door.

Murals were painted on a diversity of subjects; during the period of the Baroque style in the 17th century, murals sometimes were painted to look like an extension of the interior itself, making it appear more spacious.

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