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Desktop Ticker is a free RSS Reader with an exceptional design and excellent features.It lets you keep an eye on your favorite RSS feeds while you are working on your Windows desktop.This should get you back up and working like it did for me. I did find a windows folder, and then within that was a gadgets folder, but its empty.Hope this helps, Disk Drive Hi, thanks for the directions. Shortly after I upgraded this laptop to win10 from win7 the win7 gadgets all stopped working other than the clock.Now that the weather channel has their smelly foot on weather underground, I guess I should have seen this coming. Weather Underground changed the server where this gadget pulls its information from. To fix this, first find the following folder on your computer:%localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\Wunderground Vista Widget.gadget In there, you will find a text file called "localized Functions.js".

Once the feeds are added, Desktop Ticker will start scrolling the post titles horizontally across the screen, this method of reading RSS is really intuitive and lets you stay connected to the news sites or blogs even if you are working with something else.

Anyone out there use (or used to use, till it broke) this gadget and having the same issue for at least the past 3 weeks, or may know what is going on with this gadget?

I have a win7 and a win10 pc having this issue.(I am starting to think a recent MS update broke it)Thanks The quick answer is that Microsoft does not want users to have access to Gadgets in Windows 7, the reasons are known only to them however they do say that it is for security, most likely not fixed due to their desire to have everyone on "this years model", I too have had difficulty with the Weather Underground gadget and I will take the time to isolate the cause, however for now there is a workaround for Microsoft's own weather gadget which involves the date stamp on a configuration file, the fix needs to be periodically applied but it has worked for some time, it goes like this: In the Subdirectory (Folder if you like the "new" name"):c:\Users\xxx\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Services\Cachethere is a file named "Config.xml" and the date stamp on it becomes "stale", this can be corrected by opening a Dos box (Command prompt if the "new" name is preferred) and typing "copy /b ,," this causes the date stamp on the file to be updated and the weather gadget will then work for another week or so before having to repeat the process, the "xxx" is the users name"After applying the above date stamp the Weather gadget needs to be closed and reopened in most cases for the fix to work., the comment about a patch being the cause may well be correct and if so we may need to be careful when applying them that things which worked do not become broken.

For the last few weeks it has stopped working and displays "check your internet connection"I have noticed that when it updates the weather it will flash the current weather for a second or so then jump back to check your internet connection.

I have searched all over to see if there is a fix or reason for this and cant find anyone talking about it.

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Having worked with Microsoft products for many decades, happily much of the time, this is now just one more item showing why Microsoft cannot be trusted.

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