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Categories: Horror, Podcast, Willamette Radio Workshop I may be on vacation, but the hits just keep on comin'!We're featuring an episode of the fantabulous, trippy RUBY by Tom Lopez and ZBS -- a cyberpunk adventure from the 80s that's sultry, smart, and fun. Categories: Classics, Podcast, Radio Drama, Science Fiction This week, we get SILLY with a little Starlight Radio Dreams – a live variety show recorded in Chicago by veterans of Chicago's theater scene. ) David begins with a brief bit of history on John R.Categories: Crazy Dog Audio Theater, Drama, Podcast This week, things are going to get spooky at Radio Drama Revival as we delve into the world of horror audio fiction. Categories: Drama, Goldhawk Productions, Podcast Re-play of the 2012 BBC Series "The Mumbai Chuzzlewits," adapted by Ayeesha Menon from the Charles Dickens novel "Martin Chuzzlewits," and transposed to Modern India. Deep within, he discovers a woman who appears to...

Categories: Final Rune, Horror, Podcast This week, I play Episode One of Gareth Stack's startling psychological thriller, "The Wall in the Mind".Categories: Comedy, Crazy Dog Audio Theater, Podcast Part 1 of 2 Ahh, ancient Greece.Hot nymphs, raging orgies, much wine, song, and occasional transformations into a goat. Well things are more wacky than ever in the sizzling and scandalous interpretation of the myth ...Starlight Radio Dreams is hosted by Devin Showtime (Anna Gaetke), a media-savvy Millenial, and her old-t... Brinkley, the notorious Goat Gland Doctor of Milford, Kansas. Categories: Comedy, Fantasy, Podcast Well, how to say this.Categories: Comedy, Podcast, Starlight Radio Dreams This week, we take a dip into the chilly methane seas of Titan with "Kraken Mare", an atmospheric sci-fi horror thriller from friends of the show Matthew Mc Lean and Robert Cudmore of the Audio Production Podcast. Categories: Podcast, Radio Drama This week on Radio Drama Revival, it’s the comic sci-fi thriller Wolf 359. After 9 years, long-time RDR host Fred Greenhalgh passes the torch to incoming host David Rheinstrom.

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Categories: Podcast, Radio Drama This week, I'm playing something from Our Fair City, the dystopian sci-fi podcast; it's their entry in the 2014 Chicago Fringe Festival: a slick detective thriller called "All The Life You'll Ever Need". Categories: Podcast Fred is back, introducing our new occasional mini-series, pulling episodes from RDR's Archives back to the top of the pack!