Hough dating partner

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Hough dating partner

“Dancing With the Stars” is prime-time’s most compelling dating show.All the bumping, grinding and half-naked bodies have both pros and celebrities hopping in the sack like teenagers on prom night.Ballas remained tight-lipped on who he's partnered with, but said he found out who it was when he showed up to a location and there she was!(So those behind-the-scenes reels showing the moment of truth are real! "The 29-year-old dancer-musician also quipped, "Taylor Swift maybe? I think I would need some really high shoes for myself, but if Taylor Swift did the show, I think this is the one time the height doesn't matter."So make that his "Wildest Dreams" partner.In a recent Instagram post (above), Erbert added a heart to her caption, pretty much confirming that she and Hough are indeed still romantically linked.To further solidify those “are they or aren’t they?I’m pretty much living my dream,” Erbert told CJ Online last year.

Hayley Erbert, 22, is currently dating professional dancer, Derek Hough, 31.And speaking of friends who are like family to Ballas, dear pal Julianne Hough just got engaged to hockey pro Brooks Laich, and Ballas couldn't be happier for Derek Hough's little sis."I've known Julianne a long time, just as long as I've known Derek," he told us.)We wondered who his dream partner would be, now that he has 17 seasons (and two titles) under his belt, and Ballas does still have a few celebs in mind."Shakira is always one of my top picks, Jennifer Aniston is one, Ellie Goulding is another," he revealed. The stars and the pros don't get a say in the selection process; rather, the producers choose the pairings based on myriad factors, including height, size, and personality.Apparently the producer's pairing process works well, because Ballas considers his season 19 clan is "really like a second family" to him.

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"I can tell she's just really in a good place, and that's what's important.