How to be more intimidating

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How to be more intimidating

One such argument is that capitalism encourages egoism and greed, rather than altruism, and provides a supportive culture for violence.

Moreover, the argument holds, in capitalist societies the rich are in a position to engage in large scale fraud, or to launch full scale wars for personal gain, secure in the knowledge that they will escape punishment.

This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to provide services and advertising. Data from the United States for the period 1980 to 2008, for example, shows that men were responsible for 90% of the murders committed during that period. The same US data shows that 77% of the murder victims over those same two decades were men.

And in many instances, boys will have been socialised for violence by being taught that being a man means being tough, powerful, intimidating, and a stud.What is it that makes men more likely to be violent than women? In seeking explanations, it is important to recognise that violence cannot be explained in terms of a single cause.Instead there are multiple possible factors that contribute to violent behaviour. Research shows that persistent violent offending is often correlated with minor brain damage or certain psychological abnormalities, particularly psychopathy.This group realises that violence traumatises and embitters and its use continually creates ever more violent individuals.Together these peacemakers are working towards a world in which violence is seen as an abnormality – an abnormality from which both men and women can be equally immune.

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When the Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) abruptly resigned last week after less than six months in his post, the agency gave no explanation.

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