How to write a good online dating message

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At most, you can aim towards capturing your reader’s attention long enough for them to send you a message, but to do that you must engage their interest.

So what will make a person take more interest in learning more about you than any of the other 50 profiles in the search result? Selecting a photo with someone significantly less attractive than yourself would create the perfect Consider this: what is it that makes you so worthy of being contacted when there are thousands of other fish in the search results? *** Let your readers identify with you and feel they aren’t alone in their quirks and tastes.

Use your imagination, but remember to be on your best behaviour in a first message.

If things take off, there will be plenty of opportunities to tell her how hot she is.

This is especially important when you’re online dating because you are a stranger to her and have no friends or family members vouching for you.

Requesting contact information before knowing anything about her, will make her think you have ulterior motives and will likely make her feel uncomfortable.

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