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I was getting very stressed out at work from having a shitty asshole as my boss and I was barely getting sleep, because she wanted to hang out until late at night because we barely saw each other throughout the day.I was so discontent and stressed at my situation that I told her we are breaking up. I accepted a sponsorship to compete in my sport worldwide. Couple days later, I saw her again and we did not say anything about the breakup. We just acted like nothing happened and continued to date.I told her that no progress has been made since the last breakup and I still see no future in our relationship. I blamed the stress from work for putting me in a bad place.

I had evening practice on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.We are each other’s first boyfriend/girlfriend and we were not really sure on the things we are supposed to do, but we were certain that we loved each other.She did not tell her parents about me because she did not want to make her parents upset for not dating an Indian.They would bring profiles of Indian men and tell her to take a look.They told her on weekly basis that they are not able to sleep because of her and that their health is declining. In fact, everything was still the same in our relationship after her telling her parents about me.

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Her parents’ house was getting crowded because she was living with her cousins and siblings who were rapidly growing up.

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