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Interspecies dating

Alien invaders seemingly love to tempt humans with this as part of their Masquerade, although you'd think they'd learn better.

See also: Extreme Omnisexual, Boldly Coming, Bestiality Is Depraved, Mars Needs Women, Divine Date, Magical Girlfriend, Deus Sex Machina, Did You Just Romance Cthulhu?

, Boy Meets Ghoul, Robosexual (for when the "species" barrier is a robot, AI, or other artificial lifeform), Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action (for when you wonder how these two things could actually reproduce, or at least engage in activities that would lead to reproduction with members of their own species), Muggle Mage Romance and What Measure Is a Humanoid? May involve Exotic Equipment or the Male-to-Female Universal Adaptor.

May lead to Half Human Hybrids or to a Non-Human Lover Reveal if one member was keeping secrets.

so we blew up the entire warehouse of red sand," said Garrus. Look, I was just hoping you could help me out with something."Tali looked around. Eyeing the turian still standing awkwardly beside their table, he decided to take pity on the fellow. "At any rate, then we were serving on the same ship. She says she just wants to leave work at work."Garrus offered, "You asked her to watch that vid with you, that seemed like a pretty good try.""She said she needed to check her schedule and get back to me.""Ohh," they said in unison."Yeah," he said wearily.

"I think some bystanders got high from the fumes, but no one overdosed. If that's all right.""Whoa now, friend," said Garrus. He was seeming increasingly desperate, and besides, he did look kind of familiar. No promises, but we'll hear what you have to say.""Thanks." He pulled up a chair. The crew was mostly human, so the rest of us tended to stick together.""We were also the only two dextros aboard.

Keep your hands to yourself." She slid one arm around her friend's neck.

Tali was deep into a story of a raid into geth territory when a turian appeared beside their table. If I had a brother.""Hey, you would be lucky to have such a stylish brother.""Fine. Okay."Their companion had slumped in his seat during this exchange, looking even more dejected than before. How to impress her.""Sorry," said Garrus, "I've stuck to turian women. ""That risks a suit tear," Tali pointed out."Oh, right. ""No, one of the things I like about her is that she's not like turian women, where everything's a competition all the time.

You'd be a fabulous brother, and entirely excellent, and I'm happy with just being good friends, okay?

And Grunt," he added with distaste, remembering Haestrom."I was thinking about someone else!

In less realistic settings, can easily result in Half Human Hybrids or Hybrid Monsters, or even Random Species Offsprings.

Chances of it actually becoming an Official Couple (and evolving into a mixed marriage) are increased if the nonhuman has a human form.

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Another Mass Kink fill: "Shepard brings Garrus and Tali along to Illium, where all three overhear the unfortunate plight of friend-zoned! They don't think much of being shouldered off for eavesdropping, and go back to their own business. turian can't help but notice the blatant, easy inter-species camaraderie going on between them, and some time later confronts Garrus and/or Tali for help.

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