Intimidating confidence dating in the dark television

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Intimidating confidence

I still am genuinely surprised when a dude shows interest in me at a party over one of my friends. Look at your own post here: you're listing all the things about you we should like and be impressed by. You value them, so you think other people should value them too and it seems you can't understand it when they don't respond to them when you're making it so obvious.I feel like sometimes my personality is too big and too much for guys to handle. How can I still be outgoing and confident without scaring guys away/ being to brash? I have never been intimidated by any woman, except for ONE. Those girls you think are demure just aren't telling everyone about the things that are great about them. Being outgoing and friendly is cool, but there's a kind of confidence that can be obnoxious whether you're a man or a woman.Most girls are so insecure they hide behind this mask of bitchface and disinterest. Just remember that it's not what we're used to.I don't think women really see what they do that men have to deal with in order to get close. a lot of guys will mistake it for snobishness or arrogance but don't let that deter you.I think instead of your big personality intimidating people, it's just flat-out uninteresting to some guys. And you know, if you find that guys aren't pursuing you, you can always try pursuing them. No ones personality is too 'big' for a guy to 'handle'.

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