Is diablo cody dating mason novick

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The memoir began after Mason Novick, who would soon become Cody's manager, showed interest in her sharp and sarcastic voice.

Based on the popularity "The Pussy Ranch" had received, he was able to secure her a publishing contract with Gotham Books.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is about "a 16-year-old genius who through home schooling has been isolated from her peers.

Hoping to experience a “normal” teen social life before she enters the adult world of academia, she enrolls in her local high school.

Cody began writing a column for the magazine Entertainment Weekly.

At the age of 27, Cody wrote her memoir Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper.

In July 2007, Showtime announced that it would be producing a pilot of Cody's Dream Works television series, United States of Tara.

Based on an idea by Steven Spielberg, Tara is a comedy about a mother with dissociative identity disorder, starring Toni Collette.

is an American writer, producer, stripper and exotic dancer.The program will tailor "around Diablo’s unique perspective on all things pop culture and told in her very own tongue-in-cheek way," and "reveal a side of Hollywood and celebs that the public very rarely gets to see." Steve Agee will be presenting and writing with her as well.Cody is also a producer, alongside Mark Cronin and Courtland Cox. She is currently developing a teen-drama TV series with Josh Schwartz for Fox called Prodigy.She is also known for creating, writing and producing Showtime's television series United States of Tara (2009–2011) and for writing and producing the films Jennifer's Body (2009) and Young Adult (2011).For the latter, she received a second nomination for the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay.

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Inspired by her writing, he rang Cody and asked her whether she had ever considered writing a book or a screenplay, as a result of Novick's encouragement, Cody wrote the script which would become Juno.