Jewish personals chicago dating

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Jewish personals chicago dating

Each Jewish matchmaker gets to know you & your dating criteria, & is available to give advice throughout JChicago's unique Jewish matchmaking process has helped thousands of singles of all ages & backgrounds to find their Jewish soulmate Jewish singles of different ages and locations have had success using the personalized touch of the JChicago system.JChicago runs a number of Jewish dating events throughout the year, enabling Jewish singles ot meet each other directly." by Jason Gould (with two photos);*article "Sex and the Macrobiotic Menace: Why Bones Are Not My Bag" by Robert Amsel;*article on Fellini's "Satyricon" (with two photos);*delightful article on public sex and public toilets entitled "The M-Rated Tearoom" by John P.Le Roy;*small, early ad from The Colt Studio, then out of New York (with photo);*photographic ads for back issues of GAY and Drum; *much more.

Rao came to the attention of GAY when he was quoted in a Greenwich Village newspaper, blasting his opponent for questioning police harassment of homosexual bars"; the accompanying Editorial by Lige Clarke and Jack Nichols reads, in small part, "The rather square, naice face adorning GAY's cover this week belongs to Congressional hopeful, Paul P. " (with two photos);*fabulous interview with gay erotic pulp writer Dirk Vanden entitled "Sodom and Tomorrow: The Future of Gay Erotica";*article on consensual sex in subway toilets entitled "Tip Toe Through the Tearoom" by Dick Leitsch;*article on gay hotels, bars, and bathhouses in Paris entitled "Fils De Joie: Paris When It Sizzles" by Peter Ogren;*splendid list and descriptions of New York's gay bars, restaurants, and bathhouses compiled by John Francis Hunter;*full-page article on the musical rock group "Fresh" and their album "FRESH Out of Borstal" entitled "Rough Trade Rock: A Reform School Recording" (with photo of the group);*interview of Jack Baker entitled "The Man From Minnesota" (with photo);edited by Lige Clarke and Jack Nichols, and published by Al Goldstein (of "Screw" Magazine) and their Four Swords, Inc. A large, left-folded newspaper containing 20 pages including front and rear covers.

" by Angelo d'Arcangelo (author of the famous "Homosexual Handbook");*article on fathers and their gay sons entitled "Turning On To Daddy" by Dick Leitsch;*article on Fellini's film "Satyricon" entitled "Notes on a Roman Orgy" by Peter Ogren (with two photos);*splendid centerfold advertisement for the gay male Park-Miller Theatre ("Formerly the Henry Miller Theatre") then at 43rd Street between 6th and Broadway in New York;*article "Portrait of an Exhibitionist" by Bob Amsel (with photo);*column "The Gay Witch" by Dr. Highlights include: *cover photo of Hiram Keller, starring as Ascyltus in Fellini's "Satyricon";*article "Revealed At Last! " (on sexual group-therapy then in vogue);*Part Three of Angelo d'Arcangelo's "Plumbing Care and Maintenance" (this segment on the clap);*article on gay and gay-friendly bars and restaurants in New York City by John Francis Hunter (with photos of Julius, The Finale, and The Zodiac);*lengthy reviews of Pat Rocco's gay male film "Mondo Rocco" and Richard Amory's "Song of the Loon" by Ian J.

Tree;*article on Lauren Bacall and her performance in "Applause" entitled "Can A Leatherless Lauren Bacall Find Happiness In The Tool Box?

Most events have matchmakers in attendence and many engagements have resulted.

The matchmakers get to know singles and make matches for them both at the event and post event also.

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" by Angelo d'Arcangelo (author of the famous "Homosexual Handbook" on various gay topics, a "bag of mixed sweets for the week");*article "Being New York's Governor Is A Drag!

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