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Child beauty-pageant winner Jon Benet Ramsey was 6 years old when she was killed in December of 1996.

She had been beaten and strangled, and her body was found the day after Christmas in the basement of her own home in Boulder, Colo.

She is the hapless mother of Natalee Holloway, who died in a mysterious way and her murder also made headlines all around the world.

— where Twitty lives — and at an art show at a nearby art museum. Ramsey's wife and Jon Benet's mother, Patsy Ramsey, died last June of ovarian cancer at the age of 49.Eighteen-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared in Aruba while on a high school senior class trip in May of 2005 and has never been found, though she is presumed to have been murdered.Three different teenaged suspects who lived on the island and were last seen with Holloway were arrested and later released in the case.Her murder case is still unsolved and the culprits are at large.John went through a hard time as his wife also died and his other daughter also passed away in a car accident.

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One of the Colorado detectives initially assigned to the Jon Benet Ramsey case says she's convinced the little girl's father killed her.

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