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Recently featured in a Channel 4 news investigation: Fools for love: how an internet dating firm duped clients. Some of these include: The above links will take you to a page where you can leave a review.

In the UK and US especially, there’s varying levels of faith and so many different denominations that more than almost any other religious connection it’s important that you know where to draw the line.

It can be pretty hard getting into dating when there’s someone else involved.

When that someone else is Jesus Christ, it gets even more tricky.

They also recently featured on BBC Radio 5: Online dating firm denies creating profiles to tempt clients.

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As I tell my students on the 7 Day Course, that doesn’t mean forgoing fun, strong romantic feelings and giving the best of yourself to a girl.

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  1. His single minded devotion is put to the test when he falls in love with his newest client, Courtney Clarke, a tremendously talented singer who he discovers at an amusement park. Wilson, his wife & two children are a respectable family in their community – Yet the Wilson kids are fighting temptations & their son Dante has thoughts other than taking over his father’s church.