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Live updating djia

If you want to see my chart more closely, click the share button below that video..You will be able to have access to the chart used in that ...My position: Entry : 23962 SL :23300 TP : 24955 ** This is not a Buy/Sell recommendation ** ** ... HIGH RISK trade, remember this is against the major trend so place your stops accordingly. The Futures contract hit the bottom support line of the contracting triangle PERFECTLY - then reversed.My idea is supported by two main analyses: Elliot Wave count for a triangle formation ABCDE currently at E indicating a new impulse in the opposite direction might be coming. Wave b of E will be a small drop in price, which should then reverse back up to touch the upper trend line - after which, the price should proceed, with speed, downward. Riaan The earning season came to an end and the market failed to score new highs even with such good results. On Friday, thanks to the comments of Warren Buffett, the market managed to complete its wave E of the triangle.C Wave looks like it is done finally, I would be looking for a sharp decline that breaks the lower trend line of the channel producing a zig zag for D and then a sharper move up for E which should look strong but not have much strength behind it. A long tailed bullish pin can be spotted on Daily chart rejecting from the key support area.

You go where the fish live - around the edge and near the sunken trees. USDJPY just started moving as expected, quick Timeframe breakdown for free and everybody.

Stochastic (55,5,3) is also seeing major resistance below 98% where a corresponding reaction could ... So a little a break higher to bust out bear stops around 7166 - stop hunters and bots! And those choices are BULL or BEAR And as much as some traders will like to tell you they know where we are going... I use a martingale strategy to MITIGATE the risk because I take the BIG picture into consideration.

The bottom I talked about in my last update (link below) is actually only A wave. But at least a little continuation pattern looks to be forming now giving us break points either side of the smallest parallels .

A breakout below our intermediate support at 1297.49 (horizontal overlap support, 38.2% Fibonacci retracement) might provide ...

USDCAD is testing major resistance at 1.3023 (Fibonacci extension, Elliott wave structure) and a strong reaction could occur at this level to push prices down to major support at 1.2914 (Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci extension, horizontal pullback support). for me if I was a betting person and you kind of need to be if you are trading and picking sides, we have 2 choices.... how can you be long but still think BTC is going to 4k!?

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