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I was surprised when she agreed to meet him for a drink.I knew she was getting bored though with Vanilla men.I could see from the look on her face that she was caught in the moment.She was lying there enjoying herself as he fingered pussy and fondled her body.Richard was a Black Dom that Dianna had been chatting with for some time on the Internet.

Being given instructions was different for me; most men tried to ignore me because they are nervous.

She left the room as I stood there shaking his hand and took his coat. I went to get him a drink as she was coming back through the hallway, she ignored me and went straight to the couch. Mistress was leaning back in the middle of the couch as Richard was over top of her, kissing her.

I saw his hand between her legs rubbing her pussy through her slacks as they kissed passionately.

She would always say that she would be someone's slut but she wouldn't be their sub because she didn't want anyone inside her head.

It was a fine line that she drew in terms of being a Hot Wife.

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I paced around the house, trying to get my head together, making sure everything was in its place. It is amazing to me what a phone call from her does to me. The thought of that prospect must be as exciting to her as much as it was me.