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I don’t have an exclusive penis,neither are penisses exclusive…its a common thing in men,as is the vagina in a female!

Our genitals are not exclusive,or specific,we will never be the only humas with genitals!

Being naked outdoors gives you a great sense of freedom.

Being naked in the presence of others is a pleasurable experience, but it is pleasure in the nicest sense of the world.

The naturist movement intends to enforce this value and show that the nude human body does not exist solely for sex or bathing, and that wholesomeness can walk hand in hand with nudity. Sign up now to contact hundreds of thousands of nudists/naturists! While the answer is obvious, society has been slow to catch up when the bathing comes in a public setting. Without a material swimsuit, you are freer to move around in the water and you won’t suffer the chafing that comes from sand or sea salt lodging itself in the lining of your trunks.

Where to meet true nudist friends and partners is the leading group in the world that offers the best online dating service for Nudists to meet other nudists ! Naturally occurring bacteria will not crowd your body since there will be nothing to trap it against your skin.

Many raised within the body shame system, become obsessed with the naked body, fetishizing certain parts due to their intense curiosity and the equation of the unexposed parts with sex.

I’ve had individuals vsit me,and stay clothed,while I was naked. When I’m naked, I have nothing to conceal,nor need to conceal anything.

But we will also be less judgmental of others who don’t have the stereotypical and hyped “perfect” body.

Being nude will help a society built around shame that the naked body does not equate to the sexual body.

Dating other members that have similar interests is an ideal way to come up with ideas to do once you are dating.

Naturally, nudity keeps the body from the restrictions of clothing, which shift and compress our bodies, and exposes the body to the air and sun, which has numerous health benefits.

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I walk barefoot everyday,go to church and opera and films and also the mall barefoot,nor feel fearful,attend 5 star hotels barefoot,and I’m not bashful,why be when I amd bare chested as well. Being naked chested,and barefoot is no shame…why being bare genitalled?