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And don’t forget the flat-brim-wearing summer sales types who are still trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, other than make 30 Gs in a summer and spend it all on a Ford Raptor.

2) Girls: Of course there are exceptions, but by and large, pursuing long-term corporate careers is not the primary focus for girls in AZ. Still, trade schools and a bunch of community colleges (our personal favorite MCHarvard, go T-birds!

WARNING: the good ones probably have 4 dates that week. : AZ girls want to get married and have kids, and most of them will prioritize it over ambition/careers. AZ Might Be For You If: You love the heat but don’t need a diverse landscape, are ready to start a traditional home and family, and don’t mind hearing stories about the things people did in high school.

If they’re locals, the moms can get pretty involved — don’t be surprised if a parent walks out mid-doorstep scene.

Not much pressure to have it all figured out just yet. ——————— LIFESTYLE : Mill Avenue (ASU games, night clubs, dancing, pool halls, bars, pan handlers galore etc), Old Town Scottsdale (wine bars, live music venues, great dining — if a guy take you to dinner out here, he means business), Fashion Square (shopping, shopping, shopping, posh and swanky environment), the Duce (karaoke, dancing, bar, ice cream, boutique, boxing gym—this place has a little bit of an identity crisis but it is where the Mo’s end up going for a night out), In-N-Out (sorry NYC, it’s better than Shake Shack, get familiar w/the secret-no-so-secret menu), Café Rio Taco Tuesdays, the people’s (parents) houses, the Grand Canyon (if you aren’t a native, you will actually take the time to drive 5 hours up to stay for a half hour, snag a pic that is gram worthy, and drive back to the valley), the Salt River, Flagstaff, Rocky Pointe Mexico, Casinos/Golf Resorts, Havasupai, cliff jumping/natural water slides, QT.

: Since the Mormon scene is so big, people are always putting on non-church-affiliated but basically YSA-sponsored activities: classic skating, stoplight dance parties, barbecues, desert bonfires, game nights, house parties, etc.

There are plenty who are still living up their glory days in high school (when they peaked), but there are just as many who are successful and moving up in their careers. We suggest you look into spray tans; you’re gonna need it.: AZ is the home of the Cardinals, Suns, Diamondbacks, and Coyotes.Don’t ever bring up Tim Duncan or the Spurs organization in general. Although, there is one awesome professional sport perk that everyone can agree on: spring training.Website: Started in: 2001Wholly for LDS singles, this site is explicit about their pricing, which is substantially less than other premium sites.What is more, it is free to email and chat with those you find.

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