Net designer file not updating

Posted by / 03-Dec-2019 03:31

Net designer file not updating

in my designer.cs, the update panel is being defined like this: protected global:: System. Web Parts.updatepanel up Settings; this produces the error: "The type or namespace name 'updatepanel' does not exist in the namespace 'System.

There, is a simple workaround for this, See the below Image, And that’s it.

Update Panel (same for Script Manager) every time the ascx file is modified...

I've seen numerous threads on the subject but none of the solutions work for me (clean/rename/delete/recreate/etc).

Net Framework 4.0 class, please check if Ajax Control Tool Kit and all reference is in correct version.

2) I found that using a Register command at the top of the ASCX file seemed to properly override the default behavior of the designer to pick the 4.0 location for the 3.5 control (I think that is the underlying issue, it is a 4.0 designer backwards compatible with 3.5).

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