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You could read parenting books about the subject so you know how to answer questions.5.Help them understand rights, responsibilities and consequences As they grow older, teach them about their responsibilities and consequences of decisions they take.When having these talks, make sure to listen to your child, that way you can know where they are getting information from.

Today, here and right now, I’m going to expose some secrets to you.I’m also the owner of biggest Nigerian Blog on dating advice for men) Let me make you a promise before you start reading; if you are a guy and have always wondered why girls you really really like never seem to like you back then this would be the most important blog-post you will ever come across this whole year.If you want to completely eliminate the “hard to get” attitude you get from women then come with me…At this point, you will need to identify your sexual values so that your desire to protect your child does not keep you from holding things back. Answering these questions as honestly as you can, will help you frame your conversation with them.3.Don’t be ashamed, call sexual organs their names Remember that the aim of these talks is to help them prepare for life ahead.

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If you are struggling to educate your child, teenager or ward about s*x, here are eight things to note.1.