Nintex error updating a list item

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Nintex error updating a list item

Today, I got asked by a user if i could write something about it, since it has the potential of generating headaches for many people.

You have a Share Point list or library and it contains a Date Time field that is allowed to be empty.

I've updated this post to include a Share Point 2010 List Template and a Nintex Workflow that tested out some of the functionality. cheers, Vadim Thanks Vadim for the trick on how to clear a date field.

I was surprised at hard it was to find a solution for this and that it wasn't readily available with the out of the box Nintex functions.

How can you keep those list items in sync, if the original list item is updated?

I couldn't find a action icon for update an list item in another site only item a list item (same site) and update multiple list items but that updates one column for every list item.

I have created a workflow that assigns a task to a user when a new entry is created in a list.

However, the "missing link" is that I cannot find how to present the list field to the user within the task such that they may simply update the existing field. Having created a new "client" entry in a list, I wish various people to populate fields on the records.

Nintex's official forums had some rather convoluted explanations that assumed the end user (me) could fill in gaps on my own. So far this has worked but I will be sure to comment back if I encounter an error. Regards Christoph Hi Vadim, I worked out the issue.Creating a separate form per field I wish to be updated seems long-winded and within Nintex 2007 I am struggling to see how I incorporate existing field from the data list on which I am running the workflow. You have an action icon for create a list item in another site.It doesn't return any errors, it simply just doesn't clear out the date fields and leaves them as is. Thanks, Jonathan Just a follow up that I forgot to mention that as a work around for this I use a collection variable to collect all the list item ID's for the list and then use the "for each" function to loop through each item ID individually and use the "Update item" function to clear out the date on each record.This is not ideal as it is much slower than using the "Update multiple items" function but as I said, that function is not working as expected for clearing out the date field values.

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Hosted Http Request Async Result/47208365 Exception: System. I noticed that somehow during troubleshooting of some other bug i removed the HTTPS bindings from IIS for Share Point Web Services on Port 32844 which is must even if its not being used by Share Point.

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